We have owned La Charriere for a number of years and along with friends and family have enjoyed holiday after holiday here.

Having fallen in love with the house and the local area since Day 1, we are delighted to have finally made the move and are enjoying permanent residence at La Charriere. This brings with it the joys and trials of a decent vegetable garden, local wildlife, ongoing renovations and improvements around the place, and of course settling into the local community. We haven’t regretted the decision to move for a moment and are loving our life here. Now that La Baie and Le Chene are available to rent all year round, we are enjoying welcoming guests throughout the seasons and helping them to have a holiday that is relaxing and fun.

We look forward to seeing you at La Charriere very soon!

Paul & Charlotte Braithwaite

55a797cb2d77f345a712f8f9d3b22f77 Paul has a background in the building industry and as his working years have been on the desk side of this, he is looking forward to being able to give more time to getting his hands dirty.  Building, decorating, plumbing, electrics, landscaping, gardening… he is a one-man machine!

Charlotte is the artist in residence who is equally delighted to have extracted herself from behind  a desk in a busy office. She plans to set up a studio onsite and offer holidays at La Charriere that include painting/drawing.

Both share a passion for God, a love of gardens and the outdoors, an appreciation of good wine and a talent for hospitality.